About Us

Our Mission

Words have power. Have you ever read a phrase that inspired you profoundly? Words that lingered around long after you had turned the page.

We know this is a personal thing, so we wanted to create a way that anyone can take a phrase that they love and put it somewhere they can see it every day. To help them to get to where they're going or just to simply remind them of something important.

It's your Wallnote. We don't try and create things we think will inspire you, we let you tell us what inspires you and we connect the dots.

That's the big idea, but here's a few of our product principles too:

Prints you want to touch

We've worked hard to ensure the quality of our prints is perfect. It's not just about what's printed on it but also the sensation when you run your fingers over it. How the ink absorbs into the paper creating a beautiful finish.

Best quality archival matt paper

We strive to find the best quality stock for our prints. This is museum quality paper with a stunning matt finish that matches the quality of your space. No flimsy dollar store posters over here.

Environmental responsibility

As the world delves deeper into a climate crisis, knowing where our paper comes from is of paramount important to us. Ensuring we source from places that are committed to the sustainable replanting of trees. We also try to ensure all printing happens in your local country to ensure as minimal a carbon footprint as possible.